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Top 20 Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Adults that Aren't Awful

Buying creative, fun, meaningful gifts for teens and adults is so dang hard. Maybe it's because iPhones cost like $1000 or maybe its because no one REALLY wants that box of chocolates/treat basket/delicious whatnot. Ok, maybe teenage boys do.

And finding fun items to put in a stocking? Sheesh.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've bought my fair share of fancy bagged nuts from Trader Joes and interestingly flavored gourmet candy bars from Target, but I really like to gift a few funny and/or meaningful things. The problem is finding stuff that isn't just garbage you're going to immediately put in the donate box or that doesn't cost a billion dollars.

stocking stuffers for men women and teens

While none of these items are super cheap, this list is full of unusual, fun ideas that hopefully get you thinking outside the box for the men, women, teen boys and girls in your life, whether for a stocking or a thoughtful main gift.

I made a stockings ideas for kids post a few days ago that you might want to check out- some of those items might work for your receiver.

And FYI, all Amazon links are affiliate, meaning that I get a small payment that doesn't affect your price at all. Also, I only link to stuff that's awesome. Oh, and feel free to look around for the best prices on items as Amazon's prices change all the time. I did my best to link to best prices at the time I compiled this list.

Creative Stockings Ideas for Teens & Adults

gift ideas for teens and adults

1. Funny Socks: There are so many funny possibilities, but these are some of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I need a pair because I ALWAYS need a foot rub.

christmas stocking ideas

2. Statesman Ties: Ok, so ties aren't really that creative, but these ties are different and so cool! This company makes ties based on state and country flags. They are pretty nice looking ties and how fun to have one from your home state or maybe a country they lived in or are moving to? The one above is the USA tie. They come in both regular and skinny, so they've got their bases covered. You can buy some of these on Amazon too if you're an Amazon addict.

unusual christmas stockings ideas

3. Poo-Pourri: The idea here is to spray the toilet water before you go. This spray traps the smell in the toilet bowl. Plus, it's pretty darn funny.

christmas stocking for teens and adults

4. Belt: A guy's belt isn't too unusual either, but these are pretty neat ones. They don't have holes! It's a slide belt, so one size fits all. Nice. Oh, and I did notice they had this style of belts at Costco today for like $20. They seemed to be a little more dressy than this one. Also, the Costco ones fit up to 44" waist while this one I linked to goes up to 48".

stocking gift idea teen and adults

5. Card Game: If you're gifting to a game player, a card game is a perfect idea. We've had this Monopoly card game for years and it's surprisingly fun, and that's coming from a girl that HATES regular Monopoly (Who has 3 hours of their life they want to flush down the toilet? I hope we can stay friends if you're a Monopoly fan.)

teenagers and grown up present ideas

6. Lipstain: Lipstain is amazing. It's like paint for your lips, so it stays put for so much longer than lipstick. You do have to keep reapplying the clear lip gloss it comes with to protect it, but it's a clear chapstick like stuff so it's no big deal. Yesterday morning Ms. 18 Month Old had my makeup drawer opened, the lipstain out and opened, and painted on her sweet cheeks in like .35 seconds and since my makeup remover has mysteriously gone MIA (thankyouverymuch18monthold) the stain is still bold as ever on her cheek. #momwin. I did some research looking into lipstain and I've been pretty darn happy with Covergirl's Outlast version. They have a billion colors. If you have it in your budget, I'd recommend getting at least 2 colors as you will then have 2 of the clear top lip glosses and can leave one with your makeup and leave one in your purse. I've linked to my favorite color.

christmas gifts for teenagers and adults

7. Zester: If your gift getter is a cook at all, a zester is an awesome gift. I seriously have no idea how I muddled through for so many years without it, and I'm not even kidding. This thing makes zesting a lemon, lime, or orange a snap, is amazing for grating parmesan, and makes quick work out of ginger. We use this thing multiple times a week.

awesome gift for teens and adults

8. Cookie Scoops: Cookie scoops are another regular gadget around here. I use them for portioning out muffins, cupcakes, cookies, energy balls, meatballs, and ice cream. This is one of my favorites of all time. I have a small, medium, and large size.The small makes the perfect toddler sized items and allows me to eat like 16 no bake cookies because they're real small. The medium is a regular sized everything and fills a mini muffin tin perfectly, and the large makes, no kidding, a decent chocolate chip cookie recipe taste amazing. There's some kind of magic when they're a bit bigger with the gooey center and crispy edge. The large also fills a regular muffin tin perfectly and is a good sized ice cream scoop. I use all 3 but the medium is the workhorse around here. I can't find the ones I own but these are a pretty amazing deal.

funny teen and adult gift ideas christmas stocking

9. Money Soap: This is amazing. It's just a bar of soap with a real dollar bill inside. They advertise the possibility of it being a $5, $10, $20, or even $50, but the chances of it being a $1 are like 99.9%. But it could be, you know.

hilarious gift for christmas

10. Funny T-shirt: Nothing says love like a ridiculous shirt. This one's been in my cart for months, waiting for the perfect gift giving time. That time may be now.

awesome christmas gift idea

11. Rubik's Cube: Did you know they sell these things as a 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, and all sorts of crazy shapes? But this standard 3x3 is classic. My hubby spent some serious time youtubing it up to master his Rubik's craft.

stocking stuffer for teens and adults

12. New Nail Clippers: Our clippers were so dang old. These clip so easily and feel super fancy to use.

stocking stuffer idea

13. Sneaker Balls: Stinky gym bag or just bad smelling shoes? These sneaker balls work really well and smell pretty good.

christmas stocking stuffer for teens and adults

14. Jewelry: I seriously love this necklace I got last year. It's long, it doesn't tangle up, and I think it's so cute. It comes in multiple colors and you can buy matching earrings too.

creative christmas gift for teenagers and adults

15. Ring Candle: This is like a woman's Cracker Jacks box. You burn the yummy smelling candle and get a ring, then you also get a slip of paper with the possibility for a really expensive ring. The one thing is, you do have to know the ring size of the person you're giving it to.

christmas gift idea

16. Blank Cards: I LOVE having cute blank cards kicking around. Seems like there's always a time where I need them. It's kind of ironic that I love cards so much as I am the WORST at thank you cards, but I still go through them like candy, dropping them off at people's house and stuff. In fact, I always have a card and envelope or 2 in the pocket in my van for when I unexpectedly need one. This pack I've linked to is a 20 pack. I tested the box of my 40 pack and it fits in my stockings fine but it takes up a large portion of the stocking so if you're looking to fill it up fast, that might be the solution. If your stockings are small I'd probably avoid anything bigger than a 20 pack.

stocking stuffer idea for women and girls

17. Willow Tree: These little statues are such a sweet gift. They come with all sorts of different names. This one is called Prayer of Peace.

funny stocking stuffer for christmas

18. Bean Boozled: This is the best game. I cannot tell you how dang funny it is to pop in a jelly bean and wonder if you're going to eat peach or barf. It's even more hilarious to watch your spouse do it.

foodie christmas stocking stuffer

19. Bacon Salt: This was a hit at our house and is delicious on eggs. And it lasted a long time, like years so while it's not cheap it was totally worth it.

men women stocking stuffers

20. Money Maze Puzzle Box: I'm pretty sure this is one of the funnest way to gift money, a love note, a small homemade coupon book, whatever. You have to solve the puzzle before you can open the box. It's reusable too, meaning (in the words of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation), it's really the gift that keeps giving.

Check out my kid stocking stuffers ideas

kids stocking stuffers

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