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Birthday for Husband: Ways to NOT Mess It Up

Kid's birthdays are easy, but I have struggled with the old birthday for my husband, poor guy. It's silly because he's an amazing man who loves me and our kids. But I have struggled.

While marriages are complicated and all different, these are some truths I've (slowly) discovered through the years for me with my husband, mostly through trial and error. The emphasis here is on the error.


1. Not everyone fits into these generalities but maybe this will give you some things to think about?

2. I fully acknowledge that I over complicate just about every aspect of my life. It's a blessing and a curse.

3. Because of your individual life experiences, if these ideas stress you out or tick you off I really am sorry. These are what works for us. Find your happy place.

birthday for husband cake

This pic is extra funny right before this first subtopic

Husbands are NOT Female

Ha. Duh.

But really, whenever I search "Gifts for Husbands" (as I frequently do because dang it, buying a man gift is hard!) I am surprised by how many women are confused by this. For the most part, men aren't so concerned about the cutesy whatnot gifts.

I still cringe at the memory of the year I spent so much time crafting this massive packaging for a present that there was really nothing for the inside. It was a horrible birthday for my poor husband. Not only did he not get a gift, but I was stressed out from the experience and amazingly flipped the whole thing to be about me, which is something I'm quite talented at doing.

When I focus solely on the cutesy aspect, I'm really just thinking about myself because my hubby doesn't care. Most of the time he doesn't even notice unless I make a big deal out of it.

That being said though...

Husbands Want to Feel Important

If crafting is how you show love, then by all means, craft away. Just keep in mind who you're crafting for.

funny gift for husband

I made this for Matt's office one year. Still makes us laugh.

I have killed myself creating these clever, funny birthday parties for my kids but what about my hubby? I think as moms it can be so easy to get super focused on these cute, loud, squeaky-wheeled children that our husbands can be left feeling like an afterthought.

Matt really doesn't want a bunch of froo froo but this year the kids and I surprised him with a unicorn party for just our family. Does he like unicorns? No. But it was hilarious.

And he felt loved.

birthday party decorations

Another year I invited his family to the Family Fun Center for his birthday and it was one of the best birthdays we've done, because he felt loved. Bonus to that party? I just had to make a few phone calls. It was amazing.

Hubby's just want to know that you've put in effort and that you've thought about them. Oh yeah, and they want to have fun.

Husbands Like Expensive Things

Birthdays (and Father's Day and Christmas and any other gift giving time) with hubbies are hard

because anything they'd actually want is like $500, and that's just not going to happen.

gift for husband idea

And here is where I thank Groupon. Last year Matt drove a Lamborghini for his birthday. This year we're doing an escape room. We've made cheese and that was delicious.

If you've never done ManCrates, that's another awesome option. It's basically a man gift basket that comes in a crate they open with a crowbar. They have other ones that come in ammo tins. They even have a giant heart filled with beef jerky that I sent to Matt's office one year. Like any delivery gift, you could definitely put it together cheaper, but there is something magical about it just showing up.

small gifts for husband

Pink Unicorn Wrapping Paper: Every Husband's Dream

I also like to give a few small, funny gifts like these taco socks or this Trump pen so he has something to open.

Basically, know your husband's love language. Mine's a doer and loves new experiences so it's a home run here.

Husbands Work Hard, Give 'Em a Break

Matt and I have a few traditions for our birthdays/Mother's/Father's Day that helps to make the day the best.

To clarify, this makes the day the best for the receiver. It makes it the longest day of the year for the giver, but when you're both on board it's fine because before long the roles will be switched.

1. Breakfast in Bed- This is classic but essential at our house. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it has to be done.

birthday breakfast in bed

Just make sure to put the lid on tight. Dang it.

2. Day Off- This is the best part of having a birthday BY FAR for me. This is my one day off. This means no diapers, no cooking, no cleaning, no bedtime, no nothing, and NO GUILT. It's amazing. Matt feels the same way! The giver takes it all on. It's exhausting, no joke, but being the receiver is so dang awesome.

birthday cupcake for hubby

The 10 Yr Old made this unicorn with his 3D Pen then decorated the cupcake. Poop sprinkles. Ha!

Don't Over Do It

My last point here is to not take too much on. Nothing worse than an angry, exhausted wife slamming around to make a husband feel stressed and to undo all the good work you've done.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...

This year I purposefully did not invite a bunch of people over for dinner because I knew I couldn't swing it happily and I knew Matt would rather have me pleasant than have a big production.

So instead we had a really yummy family dinner and it was delicious. And the kitchen was a mess and no one cared.

birthday for husband

Agree? Disagree? Have any other great ideas? I'd love to hear them- these gift giving times just Keep. On. Coming.

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