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Top 10 Dollar Tree Finds, Part 2

Yesterday I got my oil changed, which is not really noteworthy or anything. But Matt kept the kids and I had a whole hour and a half to my lonesome, and THAT was exciting.

Being the wild woman I am, I seized the day and walked a block to the Dollar Tree. Carpe diem, baby.

Couple Points here:

1) If you're interested in reviewing my somewhat creepy fascination with this store, Part 1 is here.

2) The Dollar Tree is NOT sponsoring this post. I'm not cool enough for that reality.

3) Dollar Tree stock is constantly changing so you might not find exact items at your store. You've been warned.

4) While there's a ton of great deals to be found at this store, there is also a ton of junk. Just keep walking past that and get to the good stuff.

So now, without further ado, here's my Part 2 on awesome Dollar Tree finds.

In no particular order:

1) Disposable Containers

I keep a few of these on hand for bringing dinner to people. They have all sorts of sizes and shapes, some with lids and others not. The bigger ones are single packs but this cake pan is a double pack and some smaller sizes are 3 packs.

2) Birthday Supplies

The Dollar Tree has a whole giant section of cards, and most are 2/$1.

They have tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware. This stuff would run 3 to 5 times more anywhere else. Plus, they have such a giant selection in every color. FYI: I've never seen round tablecloths, just rectangles.

Also, they have candles. Some of these are really cute! Love those tall, skinny ones, although how do you not buy the 50 pack ones?!! That's the kind we use. So cheap!

3) Balloons

They have lots of mylar balloon choices and they're only $1!

They also have bags of latex balloons that are great. The last time I went I saw these fun confetti filled balloons which look awesome. They also look like they might be a giant mess if/when they got popped, so that's fun too.

3) Gift Bags/Tissue Paper

A buck. Boom.

Not only is tissue paper great for gift bags, it's also a fun craft supply.

Note that I'm NOT listing their wrapping paper. It's thin and awful, but I'm picky. If you're just using it as a table runner or something then it's fine, but it tears really easily.

And to go along with the wrapping paper you're not buying is this tape that you SHOULD. What is it with children and going through tape in bulk?

4) Pregnancy Test

I'm not into paying $10 for something I pee on. These work great. I did a bunch of research on them before I bought them (because who wants that to happen?) and that seems to be the general consensus.

However, if you're looking to buy mass quantities, then this might be a better option.

5) Educational Stuff (technical term)

If you've got preschoolers or weird older kids who ask for workbooks for Christmas like my sweet, strange hubby did as a child, then check out this section.

They also carry math facts flashcards. I bought comparable set months ago on amazon for like $5 when our Dollar Tree was out of them.

6) Lightbulbs

I recently replaced my chandelier and suddenly needed like 10 more lightbulbs. Dollar Tree to the rescue. They've been in for a month or so and so far so good.

Honestly, I never thought to buy lightbulbs here but they work great and dang, they were like $5/package at Safeway!

7) Kid Bath and Beauty

That watermelon shampoo smells amazing, just saying. They've got bubble bath and shampoo so when your child thinks the shampoo bottle is a toy and fills the half used bottle completely up with water you won't get so mad because he only wasted 50 cents. Not that that has ever happened around here.

They've also got detangler for those of us with long haired little ones. Works fine, smells amazing.

They've got half an aisle filled with clips and pony tail holders and headbands, and this darling Belle mirror my 3 yr old loves.

8) Envelopes

The 80 count is perfect if you happen to have a sweetheart who makes a billion pictures a day and insists on putting them in an envelope. Or if you are a normal person who needs an envelope. Either way.

9) Stickers!!!

There are lots of sticker choices here. In the past I've gotten my dot stickers here for craft projects, but haven't seen them in a long time, darn it. They do have the ones with prices on them for garage sales though.

They even have the book kind. These have puffy, glitter, and foil stickers inside.

I use stickers for art time but also save ones I know they'll really like for my prize box.

They've usually got a good selection of sticker scenes too. These are pretty fun for preschoolers.

And I know these aren't stickers, but I'm running out of numbers here! These coloring posters are great additions to a prize box or just a fun activity for a rainy day.

10) Little Cookie Sheets

While I'm sure these would be horrid to bake with, they are the perfect size to be a lap table. I keep a set with the craft stuff and we use them when we're not up to the table. These are a staple at General Conference for us for taking notes or doing worksheets.

Every time I go to the Dollar Tree it reminds me of that old commercial where the person in the dollar store keeps price checking everything and the cashier wearing the gigantic "Everything is $1" button is not humored.

But really, everything is a dollar! It's crazy!

Have I mentioned that I love this store? Because I do.

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