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6 Favorite Things to Do with Ripe Bananas

Every time I go to the store I buy bananas. The window that my family will eat them is incredibly small though; they have to be just barely green but not too green and definitely cannot have those dark brown spots on them because that would be gross. Obviously.

So what ends up happening is I end up with a bunch of bananas (get it? a bunch?) that no one is going to eat.

I'll peel and bag them in a gallon freezer bag and toss 'em in the freezer. But then what? Keep indefinitely adding bananas to the bag? Sometimes.

Throw some in a smoothie? Yep. `

But then what to do with the rest?

I've gathered a few of my favorite recipes to use up those ripe bananas (and only one of them is banana bread) from my most beloved food blogs.

Quick Blender Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

These are all mixed in the blender and for muffins, come together pretty quickly. Plus they've got some great ingredients- banana, oats, egg, sour cream/yogurt- so I feel just fine about the chocolate chips. If I'm making muffins, its a pretty good bet that these are the ones I'm making. They're gluten free if that's something you have to worry about. There's something kind of fun about just blending them up. You think they'd come out funky and tough being overmixed, but they're not. Plus, you only have to wash out the blender, so there you go.

Banana Pancakes

Once Upon a Chef

These, while not a health food, are amazing. I do sub the white flour for freshly ground wheat, but they are completely worth the calories. I love how she has you coat the skillet with oil AND butter before putting on the batter- it creates this delicious crust that compliments the banana sweetness of the pancakes. They are awesome with maple syrup and sliced bananas, with strawberry jam, or just on their own.

Perfect Buttermilk Banana Bread

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

No list of banana ideas would be complete without a banana bread recipe. This is my favorite. Years ago I read all the like 275 comments at the end of the recipe and compiled some tweaks it to make it more nutritious and I actually like it more with the changes.

I sub half the butter for applesauce (so 1/4 c applesauce and 1/4 c butter), I up the banana to 1 1/2 c, and reduce the sugar to 1 c- the applesauce and the added banana bring enough sweetness.

But the original recipe is really good on it's own.

Also, these make really great muffins.

Banana Ice Cream

The Kitchn

We were introduced to this 1 ingredient wonder a few years back from watching an episode of Daniel Tiger. Just blend a few frozen bananas until it's creamy and eat. It's surprisingly good. The link for it in the title has a few mix in ideas, like nutella or chocolate chips. Sounds amazing.

One day I do want to try out this Caramelized Banana Sorbet for the ice cream maker because it looks like something I would inhale.

Banana Bars with Browned Butter Frosting

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Ok, so this is the 3rd recipe I'm posting from this website, but these are so, so, so, SO GOOD. They make a bunch and are dangerous. That browned butter frosting should have it's own Food Network show. If you make them, plan on bringing them to friends. Like me.

Or hoard them for yourself.

They are worth it.

Banana Boats

(no link required)

The rest of the above ideas are great with peeled bananas right out of the freezer, but if you're looking for a super quick treat with a ripe or just over ripe banana, give this one a whirl.

5 out of 7 here at this house are fans, but it is apparently not universally loved, so try at your own risk.

Just slice the banana down the middle the length of the fruit and stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then microwave it for like a minute until it's all melty and gooey. That's it.

You can use mini marshmallows or can cut up big ones if that happens to be all you can find in your messy pantry. Either way works.

So there you go. Don't just toss those old bananas. Put them to good use!



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