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How to Make Rainbow Noodles

Rainbow Noodles, or food-colored noodles, are a magical meal. They are cheap. They are fast. Everyone eats them. It's pretty much a slam dunk here at our house.

We save this very special recipe for very special occasions. It's a traditional St. Patrick's Day food here, but these would be a fun colored meal for just about any holiday.


4th of July=Red, White (or no color) & Blue

Halloween=Orange and Green

You get the idea.

St. Patrick's Day noodles could either be a rainbow of colors or just green ones. These above are like little Leprechaun bowties. And they're one color so you know they're easier, so they've got that going for them too.

Rainbow Noodle Instructions: So very complicated: 1) Cook noodles

2) Rinse with cold water

3) Put food coloring in a baggy and add noodles. Want more colors? Split them into more baggies. The more food coloring you add the darker the noodles.

4) Have the kids mix, mix, mix the color around and let them sit for a minute or so.

5) Rinse off the extra food coloring

6) Admire how awesome you are and take pictures so you can show your sisters. Oh yeah, and eat.

Incidentally, this is the best pasta pot ever. I have a strong hatred of cleaning the colander and with this pot no colander is needed. You just put the lid on and drain from the pot. It's an amazing invention and saved me many a cursings, under my breath of course. Mine's a Faberware one I got on clearance years ago, but this one seems pretty similar.

You could serve this culinary masterpiece with butter, salt, and cheese. You could get real fancy and brown the butter first. You could serve them with an alfredo or pesto or marinara. You could even wow the world and pull out a meat like chicken or meatballs.

That's it. Pretty easy, which means that we might actually have this for dinner on Wednesday as it is early out and I can put the kids to work. We have the traditional corned beef and cabbage on the actual St. Patrick's Day, and by traditional I mean of course American Traditional, not Irish Traditional, but who cares because it's delicious.

We're getting excited for St. Patrick's Day and are trying to remember what in the heck tricks Lucky the Leprechaun does every year because we sure wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.

(giant eyeroll)

He of course pulls out all the green toys and does some green decorating, but we're faintly remembering him dying both the milk in the fridge and the toilet water green. And I'm pretty sure he always brings us a box of Lucky Charms for breakfast, probably because he knows mom would be tired from staying up so late waiting to catch him and wouldn't be interested in making breakfast. Or something.

But green pancakes sound pretty good too. Anyone want to make me some?

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