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St. Patrick's Day Decos: Making Life More Complicated, One Holiday at a Time

We have a trickster Leprechaun that comes here every year. He does all sorts of things here while we're asleep and causes mass excitement.

Lucky has done some really great tricks through the years, mischief that has endeared him to my kids and helped placed St. Patrick's Day as one of their favorite holidays.

The thing he's most famous for with our family are his decorations.

This pic is from a few years back at our old house. We called it the Barney Room. Painting the walls gray was our gift to the world.

While we're all asleep, Lucky pulls out all the green toys he can find and leaves them out. He'll grab green books, green duplos, green cars, green stuffed animals, green blocks, green whatevers.

I imagine it doesn't take him very long and as it's one of my kids' favorite parts of the day, he probably doesn't mind much.

This little face!

I'm guessing he keeps the shamrocks made out of scrapbook paper and string and reuses them every year, along with the green butcher paper that looks remarkably like the butcher paper we used a few years back when we made giant trees for some birthday party.

Every year Lucky brings a set of handbands/bow ties/green necklaces for the kids to wear that day. They magically disappear the next night. I'm guessing they get stored with the shamrocks and butcher paper for the next year. The kids get a kick out of them and a few even proudly wear them to school.

Back when Lucky was younger and had more energy he would hide the headband stuff and set the kids on a treasure hunt to find them. These days he just leaves them out in the open in the green room.

I wonder if Lucky gets his stuff from the Dollar Tree. I noticed they had a bunch of those headbands when we were there last week.

They even had some cute decorations too.

I saw these and wondered if maybe he might be replacing some of the old tattered shamrocks this year. I mean, how lazy can he be? He's used the same ones for like a decade. Or maybe he might turn these into a sweet memory game. You never know with him.

Not that Leprechauns would need to buy anything at all. This fun tradition doesn't require any purchasing- that's what's so great about it.

That Lucky, he's a trickster. But a fun trickster.

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