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Top 10 Dollar Tree Finds, Part 1

I am kind of a kid's craft supply hoarder, full disclosure. I see googly eyes and alphabet beads and I cannot restrain myself. It's kind of a problem.

The nearest Dollar Tree isn’t really close and my local Target has the worst dollar spot I've ever seen. It's like 3 shelves. Horrible. So since we've lived here, I've been really missing my cheap craft fix. I made a little trek to our closest Dollar Tree this week and felt like singing that old song, "Reunited and it feels so good!"

There are so many great deals to be found here, you just have to look past the cheap, lucky-if-it-still-works-by-the-time-you-get-home stuff.

Couple of items of business before we get started:

A. This is not a sponsored post. I just really have a weird love for the Dollar Tree.

B. Dollar Tree stock is constantly changing in many of these categories so don't TP my house if you can't find the exact items in my pictures.

C. This is only a Part 1. There are many other gems to be highlighted at a later date, so you have that to be looking forward to. ha. (Part 2 is here)

D. Just because the Dollar Tree sells it doesn't mean its a good deal. Also, if it breaks in .3 seconds it's not a good deal. FYI.

Here's a few of my favorite finds at the Dollar Tree, in no particular order.

1) Blank T Shirts

They have them in all sorts of sizes and colors. Looking to do an iron-on transfer on the cheap? Hit the Dollar Tree. They don't have the transfer paper but you can save tons on the shirt. Homemade iron-ons make pretty fun, unique, and cheap gifts. You just format your shirt on the computer, print it on the transfer paper, and iron it on.

A few years back my sister in law did a once a week summer soccer class for a bunch of kids and we wanted to have them feel like a team so I scooped up all the light grey kids shirts from like 3 Dollar Trees and then did the transfer with a little logo on the front.

I'm pretty sure doing those transfers are about the only time my iron sees the light of day. True story.

2) Adult Coloring Books

Not all coloring books are created equal. I hate those ones that have thin paper and are printed on both sides and the Dollar Tree has plenty of those. However, this brand is niccccce.

They are one sided on thick, tear out pages. We have one of these books in our church bag and while not used every week, the kids go through the pages pretty well.

Couple this with a pack of thin markers or colored pencils (don't get either of those here!) and you'd have a great gift to a kid or a friend who could use a pick-me-up.

3) Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This stuff works. Don't know what else to say about it, except this is the cleaner we use and I don't get too upset if the kids use too much when they clean the toilet.

4) Toothbrushes, Floss, Flossers

I keep our toothbrush box stocked with kid toothbrushes from here. Seem to be pretty good quality. They have toothbrushes that come in a single pack but these double and triple packs are a killer deal. Good thing, as I have a few Toothbrush Destroyers at my house.

Also, I seriously love flossers for my kids. I know that they're totally wasteful and I hate sending them into the dump but the kids can floss themselves. They're amazing. The kid ones (upper right in the pic) are great but they're twice as expensive. The regular ones work just fine for us.

6) Paper

Dollar Tree has white poster board 2/$1 and the colored ones for $.69. I like to have a few extras on hand in the closet for when things get a little crazy.

These index cards are a pretty good deal too. We go through them like candy. The white ones are pretty thin but the colored ones are the regular thickness. But we use both. Yes, they are cheaper at the back to school sales time at other stores, but some of us aren't good enough planners, ok?!

The Dollar Tree also has a pack of construction paper we buy that we've been pretty happy with.

7) Hats and Gloves and Fuzzy Socks

They've got kid and adult sizes. That blue hat on the left is fleece lined, for heaven's sake. These make great additions to gift baskets or stockings or homeless kits or just to have kicking around.

8) Containers

Speaking of gift baskets, they've got lots of containers here and they would be excellent to contain a present or would even make cute Easter baskets. I've gotten some great little containers here for so cheap. I wish they carried bigger boxes, but $1 only gets you so much I guess. They're not the super sturdy plastic but they're pretty decent.

They even have drawer organizers. I'm loving these clear ones.

9) Clothes Pins

These things are the best chip/produce/whatever bag clips ever. I keep a container in one of my drawers in the kitchen solely for these.

One year the kids made a family of clothes pin people by drawing and gluing foam and pipe cleaners on these then gluing a magnet to the back. They were the cutest Xmas present for my husband to take to work to put on his file cabinet.

And since they're only 36/$1, no biggie when a kid takes a few apart and you can't slide the metal back in it's groove.

10) Craft Supplies. Of course.

Just looking at this wall makes me happy. So. Many. Projects.

The decorative glitter glue, the colored twine, the googly eyes. Come on!

Popsicle sticks, how I love thee!

Sorry. If it makes it any better, I know I'm a dork.

I don't know if you could tell, but I love this store. You can spend a lot of money on a large quantity of great stuff at the Dollar Tree.

Me to husband with bags filled with purchases: Matt! Look how much I saved!

Matt: But how much did you SPEND?!!

Not enough, dear. Not enough.

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