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No Yelling Zone

Sorry, but I feel things strongly. It's a blessing and a curse.

I didn't realize how much of a curse it was until kids came.

When stress is high I tend to feel it and express it. Darn it.

And with a house full of darling little monkeys there is a lot of stuff happening all at once. I'm not complaining, mind you, just stating fact. This is what I signed up for. But sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, that stress can come out as Loud Firm Speaking. It's a problem.

It seems that my shortcoming have transferred to my kids as well, as is frequently the case, and has been snowballling; we all feed off each other.

Also, I had NO IDEA how much more emotional little girls were than boys. I am not looking forward to the teenage years. <shudder>

Although if my girls take after me then they will be perfect teenagers, because I remember being super easy and even-keeled.

Good one.

We've been discussing ways to curb this Yelling bad habit. Yesterday at family night, our cute 5 year old taught the lesson and wanted to discuss the 3 Family Goals we made at the beginning of the year.

He's VERY proud of our Family Goals btw. He drew the stick figures on it and I frequently find him carrying this around the living room. (See JoysFunStuff on Instagram for details on how we created our Family Goals)

I wish I had recorded him talking about each of the 3 areas: Gratitude, Reverence, and Respect. It was adorable.

But then we focused on Respect: specifically, not yelling.

Each of us took a piece of paper and made our own No Yelling sign. Got to hand it to them, these kids are pretty clever.

Love this Choose the Right sign, with an extra R just for fun.

We then taped them up around the house in areas where we tend to have yelling problems. I'm positive this will solve all of our anger issues as two of my sweethearts yelled at each other as they were placing the signs.

I have noticed though that this type of visual is very helpful for me. Hopefully we'll see a difference here.

Good luck to us.

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