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Easy Family Valentine

15 minutes. That's how long this bad boy took me to make, and that included googling "hand lettering love" for the cheat on those words. So easy and fast. 

I like to keep a small stockpile of poster boards in my stash (love you Dollar Tree!) for impromptu projects like this, but this idea would totally work with construction paper or even lined paper torn out from that old notebook in the church bag. 

Basically, this is a place for each member of the family to write things they've noticed/appreciated/loved that another member has done to make their lives better. 

I kick the idea off by writing something I love about everyone and then tape it up with easy access to a pen.

Then kids will walk by and randomly add stuff on it. It's pretty darn cute to see some of the comments and pictures they put on. 

Love this one. I'm feeding them at the island. Ha ha! 

We've done something like this before when we've needed a family pick-me-up but what better time to share the love than right before Valentine's Day? 

15 minutes to Mom of the Year. Helps make up for the Case of the Preschooler and the Tantrum for the Missing Treat. 


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