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Olympics Kick Off

I'm not sure if you knew, but with the Olympics Opening Ceremonies happening on Friday I thought it was time for me to share that I've been in serious training for about a decade now. 

Before then, it was just kind of hit and miss, but almost 10 years ago I went into hard core, full time training and haven't looked back. 

Stating fact here, but I'm pretty sure if I went into competition I would take the Gold. 

Unfortunately the Olympics Federation still refuses to recognize Diaper Changing as a "Sport." Ridiculous.

I'm positive I'd do pretty well in Light's Out Diaper Changing as well as Lap Diaper Changing. 

That all being said, the Olympics are upon us, which is pretty sweet. For family night tonight we're celebrating in style, but this would be pretty fun to do any time between now and when they end on Feb. 25th. Or you could do it after that because when isn't it time for a candy bar medal? 

The Lesson

First we're going to have a quick lesson based on this awesome LDS talk given after the last winter Olympics. Even if you aren't Mormon, I think the message is pretty universal- our time is now! Let's do our best to set our course to find success in life. 

The Activity

Then we're going to have an airplane making/flying competition. This is always a hit- just about everyone likes flying airplanes. Plus it makes me feel like I'm in that episode of The Office.

The Treat

Candy bars + glued-gunned Ribbon = Olympic Greatness. We'll get to choose our Olympic Candy Bar Medal in the order that our airplanes placed.

2 Btws: 

1) it took about 5 minutes total to put these bad boys together. I did have to stop in a store to grab the candy bars which is kind of against every fiber of my being but I was driving by the store anyway and only had 2 kids, so it was doable. 

2) I've given a paper airplane book and candy bar medals as a Christmas gift to siblings and their families. Kind of a fun, different idea. 

The looks on their faces! Ha ha!!! 

I guess I'll just have to settle for a candy bar medal, seeing as I won't be receiving anything else for my diaper changing skilz. But let's be honest, I'm pretty happy with the treat. 

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