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Valentine's Dinner: Make All of Your Wildest Dreams Come True

I pretty much hate waiting. It's the worst. 

And waiting to EAT?!! No thanks. When I'm hungry I want food. 

So when I show up at a restaurant and am told that I have to wait like 45 minutes to be seated, it's not good. My blood sugar is low right then, people! That's why I'm there. 

Going out to eat on Valentine's Day is not the best. It takes a truly enjoyable experience

no cooking + eating + great company + no kids + no dishes 

and makes me angry. I feel like I've just finished shopping at Walmart or something. And no one wants that. 

Plus, who's going to babysit?!

I still want/expect my dinner out but not on the actual day. 

I'm going to suggest something here that goes against every fiber of my Dinner-Out-Love-Language: Don't go out on Valentine's. 

So what do we do on Valentine's Day? Have a fancy dinner at home with the kids, of course! They love it and feel special and plus, then I still get yummy food. 

Some years I've gone all out and others I've kept it pretty low key. These pictures are from the year I was going for Eager Beaver points and decked out the ceiling in the living room then brought our small table under it.

I'm still a bit weirded out over those heart balloons. They were a bit, um, well, graphic. 

We set the table with our special red plates and napkins. And sorry, but grilled lobster tail is like the most delicious food on earth. The kids did not care about it so they happily ate the baked mac and cheese there on the left and had no idea what they were missing. Although, as I remember it, that was pretty bomb too. 

(and yes, those ARE Bacon Roses, thankyouverymuch. I won Favorite Wife that year.)

Valentine's Dinner Magic Bullet:

The one thing we always do is eat by candlelight and turn on some violin music. That makes even frozen pizza feel gourmet. Not that I'm speaking from experience...

So go have yourselves a great dinner by not going out. And then, make sure you go out later! 

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