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Flashlight Tag: The Game of Champions

Have you played Flashlight Tag? It's not complicated and it's a hit with just about any group of people you get together: family night, date night, crazy teenagers, family reunion.

I first played this game as a teenager on a double date with a married couple and their son, a potentially awkward situation turned completely awesome with this free game.

Since Flashlight Tag is mostly in the dark, it brings out the wild side of people so be prepared. Grandma might throw an elbow or two. Nothing personal, I'm sure. We played this as a family the other night and I was thrown into the tv table by my small, loving children. I had to do a turkey trot for a while until my foot stopped throbbing. But it was all totally worth it.

You just need a few things:

1. a room with more than one entrance, like a kitchen with 2 doorways

2. a flashlight

3. the dark

So once you decide if your house would work for this, all you need to do is first clean off your floor and push in the chairs so no one dies in the dark. Then wait for the sun to go down and turn out all the lights.

The person who's It has the flashlight. Basically everyone is trying to get into the room that It is guarding without getting spotted by him. It runs back and forth between the doorways shining his flashlight, trying to catch people in his light. He can't cross the doorway.

When he sees someone poorly hiding behind the ottoman or making a mad dash for the kitchen, he has to say their name before they cross through the doorway. If you get caught you're out.

Depending on who's playing, you can either have the 1st or last person that safely makes it into the room be It next. And, depending on the size of the room/how many doorways you have/how many people playing, you could have more than one person be It.

Just maybe have a 1st Aid kit on hand...

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