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Top 10 Lessons From My San Francisco Trip

Matt and I just got back from San Francisco. We had such a great time and I thought I'd pass on some of the vast knowledge I gained from our experience. 


They do things big in California. 

This giant portapotty provided even more space for holding disgusting stuff. I'll spare you the interior picture. 


When taking an open top bus tour, make sure you schedule it for when it's super freezing so you get your choice of seats. I mean, who cares that you're rear is like ice cubes. For 2 hours. 

(at least the baby was warm)


Always read the signs. You might just learn something important. 

Because who wouldn't want to camp under the big toy?


Uh, this car is awesome. That is all. (those are seat covers)


The food in San Francisco is amazing. Seriously. We basically ate our weight in delicious flavor. I'm pretty depressed I have to cook again. 


And since we're talking food...

Always look in the display cases. You never know what you'll find. 

I mean, where else could you find Butter Cream Buns, Buddha, and baby Jesus, all in the same Chinese bakery? 


My husband is 12 years old.  "Academy O' Fart." Nice.


And, my baby's adorable. FYI. 


Even though it may look like the fortune teller from the movie Big, there’s nothing magical about the fortune this guy gives. It was actually pretty long, wordy, and boring. Much like this post. 


Chuck Norris is bomb. 

So there you go. You're welcome. 

We really did have a fun trip. I was blown away with the city- it’s crazy interesting. I loved Chinatown especially. We even saw a marching band come through! It was so great to spend time with just my hubby. We were actually able to finish sentences. It was nuts. 

And I would like to give a huge shout out Thank You to Matt’s mom and my parents for taking on the older 4 while we were gone. Our kids had quite a nice vacation of their own going for them. 

And how cute is this sign my mom helped the kids do? 

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