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What To Do for Fun with Kids: Park Hop

Last Saturday we Park Hopped. It was such an easy, fun way to enjoy life together for a few hours.

Best part? Almost zero prep.

How to Park Hop:

(it's real complicated here, so take notes)

1. Pick a few parks. We chose 3 which ended up being the perfect number for us. We hit 2 we've been to before and one that was a bit further away to explore.

2. Set your timer. We did 20 minutes at each park which ended up being about right. One of the parks was a bit, well, sparse so we had to get a bit creative with how we spent the 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, you go.

3. Rate the Park. In the car on your way to the next one, everyone lists the pluses and minuses of your park then gives it a grade. It was pretty interesting to listen to the wide range of perceptions among the kids.

We ended up hitting a frozen yogurt place afterward, which seemed like the logical thing to do, but it would be fun to pack a lunch and have a picnic too.

Park Hopping: It's what all the Cool Kids are doing these days, and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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