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Party Cheap with the Dollar Tree

I used to live right by the nicest Dollar Tree. It was so clean and organized and since Target was far away, it became my hangout.

They have some great stuff there. They also have a bunch of junk, but we don't buy that. Mostly.

And FYI: I'm not embarrassed to say that I am posting my love of the Dollar Tree solely based on my love of the Dollar Tree. They are not sponsoring this post. They do not know I exist.

My favorite stuff to get at the Dollar Tree is party supplies and decorations. They have tissue paper, gift bags, cards, curling ribbon, colored paper plates/cups/napkins all for $1! And in the case of cards, they're 2/$1. Come on now. I was looking at Target the other day and this stuff is at least 3x the price.

I put my 3 yr old's Pink birthday party together almost exclusively with supplies found there. You could throw a pretty sweet Valentine's party here. Or do it green for St. Patrick's Day. Or red, white, and blue for Independent's Day. You get the idea.

These are a few bunches of fake flowers and greenery I found there. The bottom of the pitcher has that wrinkly paper in it. Great thing about that paper stuff is you can very easily save and reuse it- I have a bunch of gallon baggies in different colors with my craft stuff that I pull out. And thanks for overlooking the wrongful placement of that tiara. It was SUPER cute in my mind.

For the tent, just rubber band a few plastic tableclothes together and stick a few push pins in the ceiling where you want them to go.

Well spent $3.

The pink stuff hiding my hideous chandelier (joys of a rental) are just a couple balloons half blown up and a 2 pack of tissue paper balls. They come all assembled but flat. Takes a while to fluff them up but they're worth it. Thank you Dollar Tree. They also sell that chain of small tissue paper balls too- they're in the pics in the beginning and end.

These hearts turned out fun.

I just cut out contact paper in a heart and taped them onto the window sticky side out. Then I cut up some sheets of tissue paper in different colors into square-ish shapes. We all had a REALLY fun time working on those. Super addicting.

The Dollar Tree even sells wrapping paper, which is what we used for the table liner. You get what you pay for there, but for something like this, it works great. I did use my 3" hole punch for those polka dots.

And just because my husband is awesome, I have to show you this:

It has nothing to do with the Dollar Tree but I have to share somewhere how he spent like 20 minutes wrapping those 2 striped presents, lining up the stripes perfectly. He nailed it. In some ways we are so different...

So there you go. I did Ms. Pink Party's decorations for $13, all thanks to the old Dollar Tree. Best part was we set it up the night before so when she came downstairs in the morning she looked like we gave her a pony or something.

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