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Packed Lunches Made Easy: Frozen Sandwiches

Let me start this by saying I always thought freezing bread was gross, that it would always come out dry and freezer burny (that's a word) and nasty.

But that only happens when the bread isn't packaged well and is in the freezer too long.

Freezing bread has been my jam for a while now. I freeze homemade and Costco rolls and sandwich bread and french bread. It's saved my dinner more times than I'd care to admit.

That being said, the thought of freezing sandwiches had never occurred to me. And then, I thought they'd come out funky. But they don't.


Packing school lunches are NOT my jam. And we need them every day. I've mostly turned the lunchbox-packing to the boys but they still need some supervision and assistance.

Having a main dish in the freezer is a game changer. It makes all the difference for us here. We can quickly throw together the rest of the lunch and get out the door. Plus, it's pretty nice to have made sandwiches for those of us at home too. A few seconds in the microwave and we're good to go.

We've made both PB&J/PB&Honey and meat & cheese with great results. Some people have said they like to add the mayo to the meat sandwiches after it's thawed (just throw in a small mayo packet) but we've not had any problems here.

The frozen sandwiches make great ice packs and by lunchtime they're totally thawed.

The big double pack of Franz bread from Costco costs under $5 here and makes you 25 sandwich, 27 if you use the heels of the bread. We can do sandwiches for one loaf from start to baggy in under 10 minutes. It's cheap and it's quick. My kind of deal.

We just lay out an entire loaf and assembly line it. We end by putting each sandwich in a sandwich baggy and then popping like 6 into a gallon freezer bag. It does mean we use baggies instead of containers for the sandwiches but I reuse the freezer bags, so there's that.

Incidentally, we've used these sandwich cutters for years now. We have a few but this puzzle one is definitively the favorite. Right now amazon has a 4 pack of sandwich cutters including the puzzle one for under $5! Sheesh. That is crazy cheap.

My 7 year old decided this time that he's too old for the cutters now. Sad. But the 2 and 5 year olds beg for them every time. And Mr. Mature will probably want them again next time.

So go make yourself some sandwiches. Or better yet, have your kids do it!

Any links I make are not sponsored. They are just items I love. FYI.

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