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Twins Baby Shower: Thing 1 & Thing 2 Themed

My sister-in-law is pregnant with twins.


Two babies at once.

I cannot imagine.

They will be the most darling little friends I’m sure and I can’t wait to meet them. I'm so excited!

They were visiting last week and we were able to throw them a family surprise shower. I chose a Dr. Seuss theme: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat book, because that is awesome.

When planning decorations, I move forward with the main colors. That not only makes it easier to find stuff to use, but you can also reuse supplies from one party to another.

I LOVE canning jars. I pretty much use them at every function. They're just so dang handy. These beauties were easy- I glue gunned that shredded blue paper to straws and sucker sticks so they would be different heights. Seriously loved how they turned out- like little Seuss trees. Boom. Almost free centerpieces.

Wrapping paper makes great tableclothes. Cut in half they make great table runners. Best part? No washing.

Love the Dollar Tree btw for stuff like tissue paper for those easy (but time consuming) tissue paper balls and that shredded paper.

haha. Looks like I had a helper with that mason jar above. There were supposed to be 3 blue tree things in it!

Loving my new 3 inch hole punch. I pounded out a billion circles out of cardstock then used my sewing machine to sew straight through the paper, leaving about an inch of thread between each circle, more or less. So easy and quick- my kind of sewing.

The Hooray sign I snagged at Target for like $5 a while back and I use it all the time because when isn't it a time for hooray?

I picked up some 12x12 scrapbook paper in blue and red, used my papercutter to make them into triangles, then taped them to curling ribbon. I traced the circles with a bowl on white paper messily to try to keep with the theme, then did my best impression of a Dr. Seuss handwriter. I'm not real good at impressions.

My oldest boys jumped in on all the fun and took over the arrow sign. It turned out adorable.

The cupcakes were pretty fun to do, and pretty easy too. I used one of the flower tips from this set, which is awesome. Then I just hot glued my googled "thing 1" and "thing 2"s circles to the cupcake liners after they were frosted.

The best part of the whole party was that my other sister-in-law did the food and it was delicious. That's the way to do a party: do it at someone else's cute house and then have them cook.

I'm kicking myself though- totally wanted to have a Cat in the Hat book there for everyone to sign. And then I promptly forgot about it. Dang.

Congrats guys!

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