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Dinner Challenge 2017

We had some Target gift cards begging to be spent. Giving target my money is never a challenging task for me but we wanted to do something a little different. So Dinner Challenge 2017 was born.

We split into teams and drew out our assignments from some scratch paper in the car: main dish and side or side and dessert.

Our only rules were 1) we couldn’t try to see what was in the other team’s cart and 2) we had to use at least one ingredient from home in each dish.

Matt’s team had an alternate rule #2 due to a lack of communication skills on my part, I’m sure. He thought rule #2 was you had to use more than one item for each dish. That worked too.

We checked out seperately then met back up in the van.

Once we got home Matt’s team set up in the dining room and my team got our food ready in the kitchen.

Then a few lit candles later and we had an amazing dinner of 2 sides of cheese and crackers (haha), Eggo waffles, and for dessert crushed drumsticks scooped into ice cream cones.

It was pretty funny seeing what the kids wanted and then listening to them decide.

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