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New Year's Resolution: Strengthening Family Relationships

Back in the day when Matt and I lived out of state and would come to stay with my parents for a week or two during Christmas or the summer we'd always have a great time. But the joke was that after we'd get there we'd sit on the couch, get up and eat a chip, go to the bathroom and then BAM! It was Thursday.

Time just passed so quickly and we never really DID anything and then it was time to go home.

I swear, my time with my kids feels a bit like that. (Sorry for getting a bit mushy here.)

Life is dang busy. I spend my life running around in circles and constantly staring in the face of MomGuilt. She's real ugly.

And my oldest is almost 10 for heaven's sake. Time is passing! I swear he was just 2.

I kind of impulse bought this crazy expensive planner the other day in the hopes that purchasing it would magically make me be Organized. It came and It. Is. Beautiful. I really am in love with it. (and do I really need to say that this is NOT sponsored, because who in their right mind would sponsor me to talk up anything?!)

I'm not sure if the planner will make it past this next week or not here before I get distracted by the next shiny thing, but there are a few pages that I really am loving that had me really plan ahead with my whole family-relationships. You absolutely don't need the planner to do them.

I LOVE that at the beginning of each month you reflect on your important relationships and make goals to strengthen them.

And this. This is amazing. We have a little rotating wheel for our weekly family night for our jobs but dang it if some kid doesn't just spin it whenever and I canNOT for the life of me remember who did what the last week and every week turns into an argument on who's turn it is to get to pick the activity.

Ok, so this keeps track. Awesome sauce. But it's way more than that- it's totally purposeful. You're not just having the Lesson Kid choose the 2 minute video to watch because you are too tired to deal. At a time when you are feeling ambitious, you think through what your goals are for your family and plan accordingly. You pick the monthly goal then break it down into the weekly topic.

mind blown.

So even if you aren't religious at all, this monthly planning is such a great way of being intentional with your interactions with your family.

If I could do these 2 things every month, what a huge difference this would make to each member of my family, me especially. And then hopefully when my youngest is leaving for college I won't feel like I just got a chip and went to the bathroom.

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