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SUPER Easy Love Note

Back in the day I was sitting in one of my college education classes when I noticed the teacher subtly slipping a couple of my classmates cards. She would occasionally write notes to members of the class, expressing her gratitude for who knows what. I certainly don't because I was never a recipient of one of her cards. Probably because she wasn't writing cards to thank people for turning in term papers a day late. Whatever.

But the idea is brilliant and one that I used occasionally in the classroom and now as a parent.

When I notice that a child could use a boost for whatever reason, I'll write them a quick note and leave it on their bed to find when they wake up.

I did that for this little one this week and this cutie carried that card around for two days. He also made ME a "lovecard' (his words) in return.

My 5 year old isn't reading yet so I had to get a little creative with my note.

If I were a Good Wife I would do this for my husband...

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