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Homemade Pillow? Stuffed Animal? Whatever. It's Cute.

These little gems are a great combo: they're easy, cheap, and they give the kids a chance to go nutso with the sharpies.

So I need to start this post by very clearly stating that I am not one who sews. A few years back I distinctly remember referring to the thread as string. And then I was mocked accordingly. I'm more of a Please Don't Look Closely type. But I can get'er done.

What I'm saying is, if you have a sewing machine you can do this. Or if you are real good with a needle and thread.

All you need is some muslin, batting, and sharpies. You should probably use some newspaper or scrap paper to put down underneath as well so the sharpies don't bleed through and permanently stain your table. Not that that happened to me or anything. And then scissors and the sewing machine of course.

Basically, give your kids a piece of material and then let them draw away. When they're done, cut it out along with another piece to be the back.

Put the outsides together and sew along the edge, leaving an inch or so you can then flip it rightways through that hole. Then shove the batting in until it's as full as you want it. Hand stitch up that hole and you're done.

These would make darling gifts for siblings or grandparents.

You can get real crazy with it. My 9 year old made this one and I have to admit it to be at the edge of my sewing ability. Those legs were so dang tiny!

Off topic, but I love how sharp that kid looks today. It's Dress Like Your Teacher Day at school today.

His teacher has a goatee (obviously) and apparently doesn't smile.

Back to the project, you could totally have kids color both sides. Back in the day when I only had 2 kids, I had each do one side then sewed them together.

Made a cute gift. And three cheers to grandma for still having this pillow after over 5 years.

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