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I Have a Horrible Memory: Hooray for my Prayer Board

So a few years ago a friend made a comment in church about how they have a prayer board at home they use with their kids.


They keep the names of those that need extra help on it and then at family prayers ask a blessing for those people.

<mind blown>

How did this never occur to me? I’m not sure. But it was completely revelatory.

Up until then I had relied on my horrid memory to remind the kids (and myself) who needed extra support. And that wasn’t a good idea. (I once reported a car stolen at Costco before. It wasn’t stolen. And that was before I had kids.)

Darn it all. I then HAD to go to Hobby Lobby and spend a large amount time and money on lots of very necessary essentials.

And this prayer chalkboard.

It was $8 and I love it. Totally worth it.

But you could just use a laminated piece of paper. Or use that whiteboard marker to write on the glass of an empty picture frame. Or you could get real fancy and just use a plain piece of paper.

Love that this empowers each member of the family to be proactive with others they know that might need extra help AND it frees up what remaining brain cells I have left to think about how to finagle a few minutes of alone time with a chocolate chip cookie.

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