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Homemade Memory

Thoughtful gifts. Dang. They kill me.

And the demand for them is constant. I swear, it is one holiday after another, which is a great thing. But really, how many Perfect Gifts in the world are there?!

This memory game was an attempt to create something special for my kids for Christmas.

I wanted something sturdy but not just laminated paper, which would totally work too if that floats your boat.

I found these wooden dinosaurs at the Dollar Tree. They also had flowers but that was a few years ago so there’s no telling what shapes they have now. I think they came 4/pack. I did 12 sets, so 24 total.

Love Little Miss Spicy! Love that she's sporting faded Kitty Face too.

I printed off two pics of each member of the family and then 2 of some fun things I knew they would love like Elmo, a football player, a chicken. You know, the good stuff.

You could use actual photos or could be lazy like me and just print them from your printer.

Then a little paint on both sides of the wood (or not!) and a smear of mod podge and you’re set.

The Dollar Tree also has some great containers there.

So for around $7 plus whatever craft supplies you’d need you’ve got yourself a pretty cute, custom gift.

Hooray. Now, isn’t there a birthday coming up?

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