Homemade Ornaments with the Kids: Perfect Gift for Grandparents

Every year we make an ornament and make enough for grandparents and ourselves. I have come to love the imperfection of their sweet little creations.

Through the years we've had some pretty cute ones and one that ended up a total dud.

DIY Kid Ornament Hacks:

1. Put a date on them.

2. The ones with pictures of the kids on them are so stinking cute.

3. Using an actual photo instead of a pic from the printer is way better. If that's not possible (like if you are my kind of planner), then maybe laminate them. One of our pics got a bit of water on it , the ink washed off, and it is totally white.

Homemade Ornament Ideas

This was our first attempt years ago. We made salt dough and added cinnamon so it would smell good. The smell lasted all of 5 minutes but the trees have held up pretty well. We painted them after they baked and then glued the jewels on. Make sure to leave a hook hole before baking!

The snowman was just out of felt. I had some scraps of material they used as scarves. LOVE the cute face.

This ornament is a wooden one from some craft store that I had the boys paint. It's decorative and fancy on the other side. Then we mod podged the pic on the back. (was a killer photo shoot btw) That foreign word down the top is actually "2012."

This one was fun to do. I spray painted some old rusty canning rings. The kids used their fingerprints for the snowman on blue paper then painted the rest once it dried.

I know we already did a snowman, but come on, how adorable is this? Ha!

The tree cracked me up. The baby's placement as the star on the felt tree was very much appropriate.

And last year, pregnant and EXTREMELY not interested in crafting, I ordered a blessed ornament. It. Was. Awesome.

The Disaster

The one year that was a disaster was the time we made a star out of sticks and a hot glue gun. It was so darling. Until it got bumped. Then it became a pile of sticks.

I probably wouldn't recommend that one, as it has been in the dump for quite some time.

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