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Why My Tree Doesn't Have Any Presents

Ok, so that isn't entirely true. We do have some gifts under the tree. The kids make presents all month long and wrap them all by themselves. Adorable.

kids wrapped gifts

Last year we ended up with some crazy amount of amazon boxes that for whatever reason they never wrapped. Made for an ugly tree but it was very sweet. The tree last year was a lost cause anyway because someone forgot to water it. Like ever. (and by someone, I of course mean me.)

But this is my #1 Best Christmas Sanity Saver: I do not put presents out until after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve.

Why? Because I have kids.

christmas tree with no gifts

I'm not interested in taping every gift all around so no one "accidentally" sees what it is through the unsealed edge.

I'm not interested in kids comparing the number/size/weight/girth of every gift.

I'm not interested in dealing with the baby tearing/eating them, and with 5 kids, I have a perma-baby.

I do wrap them beforehand (mostly. yikes.) and put them in bigger boxes in my closet/hide them in tubs in the garage. Then it's not a big deal to pull them out Christmas Eve when all I want to do is Go. To. Bed. And it makes Christmas morning all that more exciting when the kids come down to all the presents.

And plus, I'm a Utilitarian Wrapper. My wrapping skills are subpar at best. Matt and I have been known to give each other presents wrapped in a towel.

Maybe I'll change my mind when my kids are a little older.

Who am I kidding? I'll just need to find better hiding places.

christmas tree without presents

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