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Easy Kitty Face

What is it with little girls and cats? Mine is completely obsessed.

She's even asked Santa for one of those moving cat stuffed animal toy things for Christmas. I cannot even stand thinking about the cuteness of her on Christmas morning.

Anyway, she asks quite regularly to be a kitty, and since it may or may not be something that actually motivates my almost 3 year old to do a basic task like say, I don't know, get dressed, I happily oblige. Especially since it takes like a minute.

I just use an old sparkly eyeliner. She also loves her hair to be kitty ears which we mix up a bit.

I've asked my 5 year old if he wants to be a dog but he is absolutely disgusted with the idea of makeup on his little face. I keep telling him it's a COSTUME so it's ok, but nope.

I'm going to be so sad when she grows out of this stage.

* UPDATE: Her kitty Christmas wishes all came true. Adorable.

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