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Kid Gifts: Books

We might possibly have a Book Problem.

I really, truly cannot help myself around children's books- if they're cheap, I must buy them. I even had a collection going before I had kids. While I was in college.

We've bought them used from garage sales and Goodwill and I've gotten them new on clearance from Barnes and Noble. I was feeling pretty good about finding some $3-$4 ones on Amazon.

Recently I've become a Scholastic Book Club junkie- those are the book orders that come home with kids from school (not to be confused with this is way cheaper). Last month I spent $22 on 23 books. Crazy awesome prices!

So what do I do with all these books? That's pretty much what my hubby wonders. Every time I get more books he's like, "Uh, you know we already have some of those, right?!"

In my closet I have a gallon baggie for each child and when I get books, I sort them by kid. Then when I need a reward I go to my trusty bag of books. Sounds totally lame but it works. I do try to buy books I know will be a hit but so far, I haven't had complaints.

Each kid also gets a small stack for birthdays and Christmas.

I was a total book nerd growing up. I spent so many hours reading, reading, reading. I shelved books in the library during recess, for heaven's sake. I'm really not a very intelligent person but I swear my reading addiction saved me through school.

So read on, little ones. Read on!

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