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Child Directed Winter Art

We've been lucky to have my sweet niece with us this week while her parents are out gallivanting. Gallivanting... that sounds amazing...

She's been a fantastic helper with the little ones while the older two have been at school, giving endless piggy back rides and even offering to change the baby's diaper, opening my eyes to a world of possibilities for the older boys.

Today, after sticking it out through a well-child visit for the 5 year old, I figured she could use something fun to do.

We talked about things you might see in the winter outside. I grabbed cotton balls, markers, blue and silver paper, glue, brown and black pipe cleaners, and scissors and let them have at it. I love seeing how different their projects all turned out. They each made a couple, but these are my favorites.

2 year old: Snowman.

This is the first snowman she's ever drawn. Love the amount of both body segments and buttons. So stinking cute!

7 Year Old: Penguin Paradise

Love the snow fallling from ...? And such darling little penguins.

5 Year Old: Olaf

He told me he was making a snowman. I thought he was going to glue like 3 cotton balls together. Nope. This is MUCH better.

There is something so dang fabulous about letting kids come up with their own ways of doing stuff. It's a total relief give them the structure (topic, supplies) and then let them create however they want to. It takes the pressure off everyone; I'm not feeling stressed trying to micromanage everything so it looks just right and they aren't trying to produce something that makes ME happy. Love it!

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