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Husband Gift: Lamborghini, Anyone?

Picking things my kiddos would like is easy but I've given my share of bad gifts to my sweet husband. It took me a while to realize a few things: 1) underwear, socks, and other very practical things do not count as presents 2) anything he would actually want costs hundreds of dollars and 3) we have lots of stuff.

So after many years of bad gift giving, I figured out that he loves experiences. Duh.

Groupon had this voucher for driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari from Motorsport Lab and it turned out to be really fun. The kids, my parents, and I all watched Matt take his 3 laps (about 5 minutes). It was an $80 deal, which is probably overpriced but he seemed pretty happy with the whole thing. And now he can say he drove a Lamborghini. Which is something he thinks is cool. Personally, I couldn't tell the difference between the Lamborghini and the Ferrari so this would be completely wasted on me.

As we were leaving, he totally peeled out as he pulled out of the parking lot. In our minivan.

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