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Kid Clean Up: 2 Minute Race

We just witnessed Wind Storm 2017. It actually was pretty windy and since we are surrounded by a forest of pine trees, it covered our yard and driveway with needles and branches. Which was pretty rude since Matt had just taken a couple hours to clean it off.

I knew he’d be sad when he got home so we played a quick game of 2 Minute Race when we got home from Costco today.

Are you ready for the rules? Pay attention here; it’s very complicated.

1) Set your phone timer for 2 minutes

2) Work as fast as you can until the timer goes off.

It’s amazing to me how much more willing everyone around here is to jump in and work when it’s a game. Much more effective than playing Angry Mom, a game I have a doctorate in.

No, we didn’t get it all but we got much more than nothing, which is all I wanted to do after unloading my van of groceries and kids. And more than they wanted to I’m sure. But as it was, we got a big pile of branches with not only zero conflict, but happy laughs.

Total win. High fives all around.

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