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Girl's Night Out: Nail Salon

Matt wanted to go camping. That sentence brings all sorts of emotions and not all of them are positive. Ok, most of them are very negative. I am not what you would call a "camper." I understand all the family bonding and one-with-nature-ness and all that but I don't enjoy all the work before to get ready nor the additions to my laundry mountain afterwards, not to mention the sleeping on the ground part. Then you throw the whole trying-to-keep-your-kids-from-disturbing-anyone-with-no-walls-to-keep-in-the-choas part and the attempting-to-sleep-in-a-different-place-all-on-top-of-each-other part and I'm pretty over it.

So since the baby is only a few months old and the two year old would not be what you'd call an easy camper, Matt took the boys and I stayed home with the girls.

It was absolutely a blast.

The two year old decided she wanted to look beautiful so she donned her tutu, bow, necklace and bracelets. Hilarious.

We went to a nail salon and she was absolutely adorable getting her nails done. Normally that task is a Daddy job, which is pretty adorable in its own right, but this was sunshine and butterflies. She's never been to a salon before and, even though she had it all peeled off by bedtime, I will totally take her back because it was So. Dang. Cute. And the baby was perfectly content in her carrier the whole time. It was a Moment.

Highly recommend this activity with little girls. Maybe next time the baby will be big enough to get her nails done too.



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