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Honoring Veterans: Veteran's Art Surprise

That's a stupid title but I couldn't think of what else to call this.

Looking for a way to celebrate veterans for Veteran's Day with kids? This was crazy fun for everyone. This has all the thrill of TPing but it's nice.

Basically you pull out all your red, white, and blue art supplies and let your kids have at it. We also googled a picture of a flag and printed it off a few times. It would be awesome to have everyone write a note or two somewhere on their artwork. Then when you're all set, grab your tape and head to a veteran's house.

Do your best to keep the kiddos quiet and tape the creations on the front door. I actually rolled the tape and stuck it on all the art in the van before we got out, handing each kid their own art to stick up, but if you do it that way make sure you bring the tape with you to the house as well for backup, because you will need it.

We ended up going with the more removed garage door today vs the front door as we are as silent as a garbage truck. The trick is to decorate the door and get out of there without anyone catching you, basically a patriotic Heart Attack if you know what that is.

Come on! Look at these little faces! So dang cute.

This was such a great experience for us today- we were able to do a fun art project while talking about the sacrifices of soldiers and their families and also threw in a bit of history, and I mean a bit as that is NOT one of my strong subjects. Then we were able to spread some love and had a great time trying to be sneaky.

We didn't get caught, through sheer luck. I'm not convinced our awesome veterans were even home, but either way it was sure fun.

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