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Easy Turkey Stick Puppets: the Kid Craft I Can Actually Manage This Time of Year

Gobble, gobble.

thanksgiving turkey craft

These little turkey guys come together really quickly, are cheap, and require very little Mom-help, so a slam dunk in my book, especially around this time of year. Who has time for fussy projects?!

I did this today with the 5 and 2 year old and good times were had by all.

thanksgiving turkey craft


All you need are a few basics: large popsicle sticks, feathers, googly eyes, Elmer's glue, and a red and orange marker. Feel free to improvise with whatever you have on hand though. These would be darling with drawn on eyes or feathers cut out of paper. Or you could even make the body out of cardboard or something.

Very few things are worth making a trip to the store. Very, very few things.

How To

This is SO EASY. Just glue on the feathers, flip them over and glue the eyes on, then draw on the beak and gobbler thing.

Then listen to your kids do a puppet show with them about finding a bean stalk and a treasure box with a map that leads them to more gold. By the way, our turkeys are named (from left to right) Love, Gus, and Leo. Those are some good, solid turkey names if I've ever heard any.

easy thanksgiving turkey craft

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