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Top 8 Hilarious Sesame Street Clips

I'm pretty sure our family has personally been responsible for approximately 1.2 million views of Elmo's Song on youtube. There is something magical for one and a half year olds about that dang song. I don't quite understand it, but there are definitely more annoying kid things out there, so whatever.

In a hope to spread the wealth of our family views, I've compiled a list of some of my all-time favorite hilarious Sesame Street clips. These are all clips I could happily watch over and over, true classics. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Kermit and Cookie Monster and the Mystery Box

The Question Song

Captain Vegetable

There is something equal parts hilarious and creepy about this guy. "Do I look like some kind of weirdo?" Haha. Because eating veggies is something only a guy like him would do?

Celebrity Lullabies with Ricky Gervias

Dance Yourself to Sleep

A Song About Elmo

Kermit and Joey Say the Alphabet

It's an absolute shame but there is no video for this one, but I couldn't leave this off. Grover is my all time favorite and this one is his finest work. You'll have to just listen to this one.

Just Because

What have I forgotten? You have any favorites?

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