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Gratitude Turkey Poster

Three year olds give the best prayers. I love listening to all the things they're grateful for: the fork in front of them, their bed, the fly on the window, their socks, their beautiful headband, the grass, a pencil. They name any and everything. It's equal parts hilarious and sweet. What a better life I would live if I could be thankful for everything I interact with!

This Thanksgiving activity is an oldie but a goodie and embraces that idea of gratitude for everything: write out things you're grateful for and display them. I've seen and done many variations on it, from individual hand turkeys to tree branches with paper leaves. The idea is the same; write out what you're thankful for and put it up where you can be reminded.

Since I happened to have everything for a big turkey, that's what we're doing this year. This would make a fun activity for a family night, especially one on gratitude. Or not. We didn't do that this time but it would have been nice...

Thanksgiving gratitude turkey

Incidentally, for this turkey I used both butcher paper and easel paper. I LOVE both of those rolls of paper. They are so handy! I use them all the time, from covering tables, to artwork, to wrapping paper.

Ok, on to the turkey. First draw a quick body outline on some butcher paper, cut it out, and glue it on the easel paper. Or just draw it on some posterboard and have the kids color it. Or use multiple sheets of brown construction paper you've taped together. Whatever works. Then cut out the feet, beak, gobbler thingy (that's the technical term), and eyes and glue them down. Do it however you want to. Doesn't have to be perfect. Your kids will think you're a major artist. Or have THEM do it. They will feel fancy.

Cut out a billion feathers out of different colored paper. I like to have a lot so we can really get the creative Thankful juices flowing. Make them as big or little as you want.

You can have your brood do this gratitude activity all at once or you can do what we're doing this year and just leave the blank feathers, markers, and glue sticks in a container for random gratitude writing.

I found this little felt bucket at the Dollar Tree a few years ago, tore off the tacky whateveritwas that was attached to it and hot glued on googly eyes and felt beak. Can you tell I'm a fan of mismatched eyes?

thanksgiving gratitiude turkey

This is after my littles had me write on some of their ideas this afternoon. The 5 year old's first item for me to write? The sun. So cute!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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