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Happy Birthday, Dollar Tree Style

Every year before my birthday Matt takes out the kiddos to the Dollar Tree. He gives them a dollar each and free reign to buy me whatever they think I would love. He has been known to help redirect them away from the plastic toy aisle, reminding them who they are shopping for.

Its been adorable to see what they come back with; I've been given my share of beautiful figurines. Each item is specially chosen by a sweet child and given with love.

This year they came back with total winners- a mug with my name on it, a pink plastic goblet, a three pack of Ferrero chocolates, and a box of chocolates. I guess I really like drinking and eating treats. The two year old was pretty convinced that she should help me eat her gift with my breakfast. (We won't talk about how I may or may not have eaten the Ferreros from the five year old as soon as everyone's backs were turned and might have had to put together empty wrappers stuffed with paper towel pieces for this picture.)

If you happen to live by a Dollar Tree or even a Target with a dollar spot, this might be a fun tradition to do with your family for birthdays or Mother's Day or Father's Day or Christmas. Or just a really funny way to kill some time. Great part about it? Only cost a buck so not a big deal when the receiver donates it.

An added benefit to this activity was that while Matt had the kids shopping, I had some time at home with just the sleeping baby and was able to switch some closets around. Happy Birthday to Me!

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