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Halloween 2017: Holidays

It took me FOREVER to figure out our theme this year. I just couldn't decide on something that we could all get behind. It has to be broad enough for everyone to be able to have options and also funny enough so I'm not embarrassed wearing a full Tigger suit or something. Although that IS kind of funny...

Because these are the things that keep me up at night. For reals.

My poor husband.

Everyone picked their favorite holiday and it all came together pretty easily, thankyouamazon. The only thing I really had to go out to find was most of the St. Patrick's Day costume and that was miraculously all found at Goodwill. Thank heavens.

As we were about to go to our church Trunk or Treat I realized no one would realize our theme so we real quick added the Hello My Name is stickers (that are actually just printed from a Google search and attached with double stick tape).

You can't really tell but the 2 year old is Valentine's Day. She has laminated conversation hearts pinned all around her skirt but you can't see them in the pic.

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